Monitor keystrokes and other activities remotely.

Download Keylogger

Program Specifications:

- File size: 0.9 Mb.
- Version: 2.0
- License: Freeware
- Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8;
- Supported x32 and x64 systems

Recommended Hardware:

- Pentium 4 or newer processor
- 512MB of RAM
- Hard disk space: 100 MB.


Since keylogger is a spy program, sometimes (very rarely) it may be detected by antiviruses as a spyware or even as a virus. Of course, our software is absolutely safe for you, and we hope you will not use it for illegal purposes.
Anyway we recommend to disable your antivirus before downloading Free Keylogger. After installation, you can add the application to the exceptions list, and then re-enable your antivirus.

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