Monitor keystrokes and other activities remotely.

Free Keylogger Remote

This is an ultimate monitoring solution for home and office. Free Keylogger Remote is the popoular keylogging software, which is able to record all PC activities remotely! You can start spying remotely after 2 minutes of deployment.

Just install keyloggeer and quickly configure it. And voila! You don't have to access computer anymore! The reports with recorded information will be sent to your email every day.

What activities can record remote keylogger?

- Keystrokes. Every key typed on keyboard will be recorded into secure report.
- Internet activity. The titles and addressed of all visited websites will be captured as well.
- Running applications. When user runs some program, its name and path are catched;
- Visual monitoring. The software is able to capture screen every few minutes (you can adjust the interval).
- Clipboard text. When the user copies some text, our program will surely record it.

What about the Invisibility of this software?

Of course, this kind of software must be secure and undetectable! That's why we offer several security options for you:

- You can set the password for Free Keylogger. So if you will try to open the program, you will be asked for a password.
- The special hotkey is used to switch Invisible mode. When Covert mode is active, the keylogger is fully invisible. So in order to show it, you have to press the special key combination, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G . Then you will have to enter your password to access the program.
- You can hide keylogger in the Add/Remove Software List of Windows. As well as in the Start Menu / Metro Menu.

For whom is this program?

Free Keylogger Remote is used in various waysaims. For example, the parents use it to control their children on the Web. They read online conversations, and find out what websites are visited by their kids. The spouse use Free Keylogger to convict of adultery of his/her partner. Also, it is possible to use keylogger on the work, to control the performance of employees. And finally, keylogger is a perfect backup tool for text information. Use keylogger every day on your computer, and you will never lose your passwords, logins and other critical information. You can always recover it from the reports!


Q: How much does Keylogger costs?

A: It costs nothing at all. The software is 100% free. It has no restrictions at all.

Q: How can I install keylogger remotely?

A: For the first time, you need an access to remote computer. Install keylogger and configure (enter your email). Then you will monitor remotely, by reading the reports arriving to your email box.

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